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Miles "Tails" Prower

Residence:Knothole Village
Miles Prower is a young fox with a twin tail birth defect. More commonly known by his nickname "Tails" he is a close friend and companion of Sonic the Hedgehog.

7 years ago he was seperated from his family and orpahned by Robotnik's attack on his home village. To this day he belives his parents and twin sister were lost that day.

After he meet Sonic, Tails quickly acquired his nickname and soon learned to use his two tails, a source of teasing in his younger years, as a means of chopper flight.

Currently he hangs out with Sonic and continously helps thwart Robotnik's plans. Although he usually works with Sonic he has proven himself to be quite capable by himself.
In his gameplay Tails needs to use his flight and spinning abilites to navigate through the levels and get the end of the level. He always has a boss fight in his levels.

Spin - Either Jump or press down while running. Tails will curl up and damage enemies.
Propeller Flight - Rapidly press the jump button after jumping into the air. While flying the flight meter on the bottom of the sceen fills up. Once its full you can't fly until you land.
Mid-Air Flip - Press the Attack button in the air to intiate a mid-air flip. This attack can break certain obstacles.
Tail-Whip: - Press the Attack button on the ground to perform a tail whip, striking any enemy right in front of you.
Spindash - Crouch down and press the jump button. Repeatidly pressing the button will charge this move up more. Letting go of the down button will send Tails foreward at full speed in a spin.

Risa Prower

Risa Prower is a young fox with of a light tan coloration. She grew up with some adoptive parents after her home was destroyed seven years ago by Robotnik.

Risa has grown up to be a bit of a rough tomboy. She loves explosives and martial arts, and will not hesitate to use either to defend the town she currently lives in.

Risa always calls her adoptive parents by their names, never refering to them as mom or dad. She continues to seek out her brother, Miles, who hangs around with the world-famous Sonic the Hedgehog. It is her dream to one day finally reunite with her brother.
In her gameplay Risa moves slower then Tails and doesn't jump as high. Howver her use of explosives allows her to get through the mazelike levels.

Tail-Whip - Press the attack button on the ground without holding up or down to attack enemies right in front of you.
Cyclone Twist - Press the attack button in the air to spin around quickly, attacking any enemy you hit.
Switch Bomb - Hold up or down and press jump to change whatever bomb Risa is currently using.
Throw Bomb - Hold up and press attack on the ground to toss a bomb. The angle is random and some bombs can't be thrown.
Place Bomb - Hold down and press attack on the ground to place a bomb on the ground.

Bomb Types
Risa uses a variety of bombs. Each type has different properties.
- Regular Bombs - Risa's normal bombs. They can be either placed or thrown. When thrown they blow up on impact. Also Risa will switch to these whenever she can't use the selected bomb. You get 5 of them when the level starts.
- Motion Sensor Bombs - Once placed back off and stay backed off. After a slight delay this bomb arms itself and will detonate whenever anything gets near, even you. After a while a timer causes it to blow.
- Sticky Bombs - This bomb is always thrown. Looking like a Ninja-star it goes straight ahead and sticks to whatever it hits. Whatever the bomb sticks to freezes and blows up after a short time.
- Rolling Bombs - After this is placed on the ground back off. After a moment the bomb will roll forward on its wheels. It blows up the moment it touches anything. Only one can be placed at a time.
- Blockbuster Bombs - Risa's most powerful bomb. She can only carry one at a time. This bomb will destroy everything withing a wide radius from it and has a long countdown. This is the only bomb that can destroy red obstacles. Be wary, if its explosion touches you its instant death.

Risa can only carry a limited supply of bombs. You can get more bombs by walking into bomb ammo supplied when enemies are destroyed or through breaking monitors. Enemies will give random bomb types or no bomb at all when destoyed.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Residence:Knothole Village
Sonic is by far the most popular guy on Mobious. He has been battling against Robotnik from a young age, and continues to be Robotnik's biggest problem.

Born with an abnormal running ability Sonic can quickly reach the speed of Sound when he runs. He has a kind heart and will not stop the battle until Robotnik finally falls.

Doctor Ivo Robotnik

Robotnik is the big bad guy on Mobious. He dreams of ruling the entire planet. Aside from some resistance groups he has achieved this goal. A small handful of cities and towns remain out of grasp, either hidden or too well fortifed for him to invade. Prominent on the fortified positions in the town of Fortel.

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