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The beginning of the end

Showdown takes Bluehog technology to all new levels.

Characters Story The Little Things Did you know? Super Moves Resources History


This game takes place ten years after Sonic Adventure 2 so Shadow is dead (no help there). Right after the ARK incident which resulted in Shadow's death Eggman packed up everything on the Deathegg and left forever. For Sonic and Friends this meant that they had won. Peace came to Mobious and our friends took one very well deserved rest.

However trouble is brewing. Sonic Awoken one day to find the Knot Hole Village on Fire! Luckily a rain came and put the fire out. Sonic and the Knothole Villagers went to watch the News to see if they could find out what happened. While they were watching the news the TV went out. Sonic went back out-side only to find Badniks. Sonic had to Battle his way just to get out of Knothole. When he got out the city was in ruins. He then went to the Hidden Palace to get help and stop a raging storm.
And this is where the game really starts to get interesting.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Star of the Game
Super Speedy Hedgehog with one out of this world attitude


Spin Jump
Sonic Wind (30 rings required)

Miles "Tails" Prower

Cute, little, orange fox. He has two tails and is just a genius with machines.

Abilities while in the cyclone


Abilities while out of the cyclone

Tail whip
Spin Jump

Knuckles the Ecidna

Spikey fisted ecidna. He is the guardian of the Master Emerald and controls its power.


Drill Claw

Amy Rose

This little girl hedgehog is always trailing after Sonic. She is brave and hardheaded


Pico Pico Hammer Bash
Tornado (30 rings required)

Mighty the Armidillo

Strong and cool, Mighty is a red Armidillo rering to go


Spin Jump
Wall jump

Vector the Crocodile

The crazy croc loves to rock. You'll catch him jammin to his favorite tune all the time


Razor Spin Jump
Music Blast (30 rings minimum)

Tikal the Ecidna

Tikal is a ghost who was alive 1500 years ago. She has returned to help defend the planet


Power Slam (30 rings required)

And one mystery character

This character I'm not telling who but I'll tell you the moves


Spin Jump
Spin Slam (30 rings required)

Non-Playable Characters

These will just be listed

Metal Robotnik
Sonic's Dad
Metal Sonic
Metal Knuckles
Metal Tails
Puppet Tails

and one Mammoth sized mystery character

The Little Things

In Showdown I worked very hard to make the game look real. It is the little things that make a game look believable.
When a character talks their mouth moves
When walking of a cliff the character is still walking.
The eyes always are looking at who the character is talking about.

Did you know...

1)When you look up or crouch down the screen moves up or down.
2)I had no fully assembled Tails Sprite that I needed when I started
3)There are usually over 100 commands for each of Sonic's levels.

Character Super Moves

Soinc the Hedgehog's Sonic Wind

When Sonic has 30 or more rings and the player presses the secondary button Sonic will send out an attack ring that destroys anything in its path.

Amy Rose's Tornado

When Amy has 30 or more rings and the player presses the secondary button Amy will spin very fast, creating a tornado that will run in the direction Amy is facing, blowing any enemy she meets sky high

Vector the Crocodile's Music Blast

When Vector has 30 or more rings and the player presses the secondary button Vector will do a major jam and create a power blast of music, killing all enemy's on the screen

Tikal's Power Slam

When Tikal has 30 or more rings and the player presses the secondary button while jumping Tikal will power dive to the ground and blast all enemy's level with her

Secret Character's Spin Slam

When the secret character has 30 or more rings and the player presses the secondary button while the character is standing still or walking the character will shoot up like a rocket and power down to the ground, creating a wave that will kill enemy's on his platform


Download Showdown

History of Showdown

Showdown was a game I came up for by accident. While I was nearing the completion of Sonic Battle Hedgehog Style I was browsing for some new sprites for Sonic Battle 2. I stumbled across a sprite which was just perfect for a final boss. A storyline quickly popped into my head. I finished Sonic Battle Hedgehog Style and put Sonic Battle 2 on hold. I then got to work on Showdown

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