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Sonic Battle III

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ReadMe File

Sonic Battle III Read Me and Help File

2.Saving and Loading
4.Menus are Modes
5.Basic Gameplay & Attacks
9.Troubleshooting and FAQ
10.About Sonic Battle III

Welcome to Sonic Battle III. This game is a high speed and high action fighting game with
characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game seris.

In Sonic Battle III you can
-Challenge yourself in the long eduring Tournament Mode, facing all 18 fighters.
-Play versus the computer at three different difficulty settings.
-Go head to head with a friend in wild frenzy of Versus Mode.

Get Ready; Get Set; Fight, Sonic styled!

*2.Saving and Loading*
If the game is restarted or closed during the saving or loading of data the save file will
become unreadable and Sonic Battle III will need to recreate it, erasing all the saved data
for all players.

When you first start Sonic Battle III you will presented with a list of names.
-If you have a name on list click on the name on the list or type it precisly.
-If you do not have a name on the list type your name in. You will be asked if you want to
create a new name.
-If you select Erase name it will erase your name from the list. This will not erase your
saved data. To erase saved data please choose "Erase Data" from the options menu

Sonic Battle III will then load all of your data.

~All the names on the list will be transfered to all games with the BGS name save system.
~All BGS games made after and including Sonic Battle III have this system

-Sonic Battle III will automatically save data following completion of torunament,
completion of a versus match, or after a game over.

The save data file, bgssbIII.ini, is encrypted. Any tampering with the file may result in a
misread from Sonic Battle III. This will cause Sonic Battle III to recreate the file,
loosing all saved data for all players.

Any time Sonic Battle III cannot read the save data file or if the file is missing it will
recreate/create the file, erasing all saved data for all players.

Sonic Battle III is compadable with up to two joysticks and/or gamepads

The basic controls of the game are UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, JUMP, and ATTACK.
Whenever these words are written in capital letters in this file they refer to this commands

Player 1 is by default controled by the keyboard
Player 2 is by default controled by Joystick/Gamepad 1

Player 1's default keyboard control's are
Up Arrow = UP
Down Arrow = DOWN
Left Arrow = LEFT
Right Arrow = RIGHT
Spacebar = JUMP
Shift = ATTACK

Player 2's defualt keyboard control's are
E = UP

The controls can be customized anytime by press Control and Y. It is not recommended to do
this in full screen mode.

When customizing keyboard controls Fire 1 refers to JUMP and Fire 2 refers to ATTACK

For Joystick and Gamepad players
-Button 1 on your device is JUMP
-Button 2 on your device is ATTACK

Controls can be pressed (push and quickly release the button), held (press the button down
and keep it down), and released (letting go of a held button)

*4.Menu and Modes*

*Menu Navigation*
Player 1 and Player 2 may control most menus. However Player 2 may not activate/control the

-UP, DOWN will change the current selection where applicable
-LEFT, RIGHT will change the setting of the current selection where applicable
-JUMP will confirm current selection and take you to the next selection or menu
-ATTACK will take you to the previous selection or menu

*Main Menu*
-Tournament: Activate the main game play, Tournament Mode (Player 1 Only)
-Match: Activate Versus Mode and practice, play against the computer, or play head to head
with a friend
-Options: Change Various settings in the game
-Extras : View extra features in Sonic Battle III
-Quit: Exit the game and return to windows

Tournament mode is the main playing mmode of Sonic Battle III. You need only choose your
character and your difficulty setting.

After that you will face each foe in the tournament in order back to back. There is no
saving and restarting in the middle. You may continue from a game-over only if you have
enough points to sacrifice to your continue.

In Normal Mode you are given 9 Lives
In Hard Mode you are given 6 Lives
In Brutal Mode you are given 3 Lives.
!Hard and Brutal Modes must be unlocked!

Versus mode is single match mode. The Characters, who's contoling them, the life count and
the time limit are decided. Then a single match is fought with a winner before returning to
the Versus Mode selection screen.

Characters may be set to be controled by
-Prac: (character 2 only) This sets the character to practice mode. The character will not
move or react, giving you a chance to get the feel for a a character. This cannot be used
when Character 1 is set to computer. No data is recorded.
-Human: This means that this character will be controled by a human player. Player 1 cannot
choose Player 2's character if Player 2 is set to Human and visa versa.
-Nor Com: (Normal Computer) Character will be controled by a normal computer
-Har Com: (Hard Computer) Character will be controled by a hard computer !UNLOCK!
-Bru Com: (Brutal ComputeR) Character will be controled by a Brutal compuer !UNLOCK!

Time limit may be set from 0 (infinity) to 9 Minutes
Lives may be set from 1 to 10 Lives

The various settings of the game can be altered in the menu
-Volume Control:Change the Volume settings of the Music, Sound Effects, CD Volume, & Master
-CD Settings: Enable/disable CD Playing in Versus mode and choose the track. !UNLOCK!
-Change Player: Change the current player playing from the Name Select Screen
-Erase Data: Erase all the data for the current player. Will be asked for confirmation.

These are extra bonus and features of Sonic Battle III
-Game Data:View various records of what you've done
-Unlockables: See what you have unlocked

When the game is paused by a player pressing UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, JUMP, and ATTACK all at
once a pause menu will appear.

-Continue: Resume Gameplay
-Quit: Exit to Main Menu, will not save

*5.Basic Gameplay & Attacks*
*The main play*
You and your opponet will start with 500 HP (health points). Your goal is to
A)Knock your opponet off the platform
B)Reduce your opponet's HP to 0
If either happen to you you will loose a life.
If your life count reaches 0 you will get a game over.
The faster you travel the more damage you can cause

In Tournament Mode
-When the time limit reaches zero you will loose a life and have to restart the match

In Versus Mode
When the time limit reaches zero
-The player with the most lives wins
-If both players have the same number of lives the one that is less damaged wins
-If both players have the same number of lives and same HP then the match is a draw.

The controls will move the characters differently depending on if they are on the ground or
in the air.

*Base Controls*
Holding LEFT will cause your character to move left
Holding RIGHT will cause your character to move right
Holding DOWN on the ground will cause your character to duck (does not apply to all
Press JUMP on the ground to make your character jump

Press JUMP again in mid-air to activate the mid-air ability. Some characters require you to
hold JUMP to use the ability.

Press ATTACK on the ground. Your character will lash out with an attack and momentaraly pick
up speed

1)Hold DOWN and Press JUMP on the ground. Your character will begin to charge a very
powerful attack.
2)Keep Holding DOWN and repeatedly press JUMP to charge of the attack. Smoke will start
flying behing the character. When two streams of smoke start the attack is at full charge
3)Release DOWN to send your character speeding across the playing field. The higher the
charge, the faster the attack but the more the likelyhood of flying of the edge.
4)Press ATTACK to cancel a Charge Attack

In the air Hold UP and Press ATTACK to perform an upwards striking attack. Some characters
require the player to hold ATTACK to use this move

In the air Hold LEFT or Hold RIGHT and Press ATTACK to perform a sideways attack

In the air Hold DOWN or Hold Nothing and Press ATTACK to perform a downward or neutral air
attack, depending on the character. Some character require you to hold ATTACK to use this

The Yellow Meter over your Life is your Super Charge. When this charge reaches full you can
launch your characters Super Attack. This attack temporarly pauses gameplay and movie
sequence is played in which your character delivers a devestating blow to your opponet,
The gaudge is filled up by damaging your opponet.

Worlds fastest hedghog. Has high speed, medium attack power, and medium jumping abilites

Sonic's ever constant friend and sidekick. Medium speed, medium attack power, outstanding

Guardian of the Master Emerald. Slow speed, weak jumping, great attack power

The ultimate lifeform. Abilites are identical to Sonic even if the moves are not.

Sonic's self-appointed girlfriend. Has high speed, high jumping, but medium weak attacks.
Also falls quickly

A world renouned treasure hunter. High on the jump, decent in speed. Somewhat lacking in
attack power

These two are unseperateable. Cream has high jumping power, is fairly speedy, but lacks
power. She can accelerate twice as fast as most characters, bringing her up to speed fast

Sonic's Brother and raised as a thief. Perfroms better in the air then her brother.
Slightly slower with the same power as Sonic.

Sonic's sister. Attacks slowly but powerfully. Decent runner and jumper.

Girl from the distant past. Specializes in lighting fast ariel attacks. Good Jumper and
has a good running ability. Power range is broad.

Anchinet Maser Emerald Guardian. Packs power, not speed.

Sonic Robot Created by Doctor Eggman. Packs good speed with weak jumping and semi-powerful
attacks. Falls like lead.

Usually called Tails Doll. Accelerated faster then anyone except Cream. Lacks power but can
perfom incredable airborn feats. Can't skid

Knucklles Robot created by Doctor Eggman. Very Slow, can barely jump. However packs immense
attack power.

Real Name: Robotnik. Evil Master mind. Medium slow speed, decent jumping due to jet pack.
Strange mix of power for attacks.

All 3 you must discover for yourself

A place of Paradise. From Sonic Advance (SEGA)

A strange mechanical factory. From Little Planet Returns (Bluehog Productions)

The resting place of the Master Emerald and home to Knuckles. From Sonic & Knuckles (SEGA)

Canyon who's cliffs dewell in the clouds. Original (Pumpkin Hill [SA2] & Sky Canyon [SAdv2])

The underside of the Floating Island. From Showdown 2 (Bluehog Gaming Studio)

This the lake over which Little Planet appears. Original (Thunder Dragon)

This is a green place on Little Planet. From Little Planet Returns (Bluehog Productions)

Green Hill in a desolate future. From Sonic Rift (Bluehog Productions)

A Forest where everything is made of crystal. From Showdown 2 (Bluehog Gaming Studio)

What lurks in the depths of this anchinet pyramid. Original (Based on Sandopoplis [S&K])

There is plenty of water fun for all here. Original (combination of several levels)

The Artic side of Stardust Speedway. From Little Planet Returns (Bluehog Productions)

A deep an anchient forest. Original (EF Designs)

A giant forest fire is on the loose! From Showdown 2 (Bluehog Gaming Studio)

Decend down into oblvion in this rocket assited elevator. Original

A combination of all the previous levels. Can you fight this insanity

Tournament only level is between time itself. From Sonic Rift (Bluehog Productions)

I'm not telling!

Here's how to unlock stuff

Manic - Clear Tournament as Sonic
Sonia - Clear Tournament as Manic
Tikal - Complete Sand Temple in under 1 minute
Chaos - Clear Tournament in HARD mode as Sonic and Shadow
Metal Sonic - Clear the game in 30 minutes
Puppet Tails - Deafeat Puppet Tails in Tournament Mode with Tails
Metal Knuckles - Play Tournament Mode 15 times
?????? - Clear Tournament in BRUTAL mode with any character
Pollution Hill - Play Versus Mode 20 times
Crystal Forest - Play Versus Mode with Tails VS Amy
Sand Temple - Unlock Metal Knuckles and The Great Forest
Water Park - Clear Tournament Mode with Chaos
Stardust Speedway TNE - Win 1 Race in the PC CHAO GARDEN (downloaded seperatly)
Defeat BRUTAL Sonic with Knuckles or Shadow in Tournament
The Great Forest - Clear Tournament in HARD mode with any character
Fire Jungle - Play Versus Mode for over 60 minutes
Rocket Elevator - Clear Tournament as ??????
BATTLE ARENA - Achieve a cumulative score of 1000000000
HARD difficulty level - Clear Tournament in NORMAL mode with any character
BRUTAL difficulty level - Clear Tournament in HARD mode with any character
CD Player - Clear Tournament in NORMAL mode with any character

*9.Troubleshooting and FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)*
-I require cncs232.dll to play-
Go to the Bluehog Gaming Studio (web address below) and get the DLL installer.

-The game plays slow or jerkcly-
Your computer is to slow to play the game properly, more RAM and/or a faster processor is needed

-I'm not on a computer with Windows, what are my options?-
Only option is to use a computer with Windows 95 or higher

-My data won't erase when I delete and recreate my name-
The only way to erase data is to delete the saved data file or go to the options menu

-The computer kills me before I can get used to my character-
Go to Verus Mode and set Player 1 to Human and Player 2 to Prac. You now have all the time
in the world to practice and get used to a character.

-The difficulty starts at normal, why isn't there easy?-
Normal mode is the equivalent of easy, Hard is the equivalent to medium, and Brutal is the
equivalent of Hard. The name Brutal fits the highest setting better.

-When I actiavte full screen mode the screen goes black-
Some monitors can't handle the resolution used at full screen.

-My problem isn't here, where do I go?-
Go to the Support Board at the Bluehog Gaming Studio (web address below)
Enter your problem and wait for a response
If a week goes without a response send an e-mail to Bluehog at bluehog4u@yahoo.com

*10.About Sonic Battle III*

Sonic Battle III is created and owned by
-Bluehog Gaming Studio

Sonic Battle III is freeware and may not be sold at any price.

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