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Sonic Battle III

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Sonic Battle III Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic, the Blue Blur, is the fastest thing alive, he can even excced the speed of sound. Fast and courageous Sonic will help those in need. He will always do what is right.
Mid-Air AbilityJump Dash
Air Attack UpSonic Tornado
Air Attack SideBash Attack
Air Attack DownBounce Attack
Ground AttackPower Kick
Charge AttackSpindash
Super AttackLight Speed Attack
Advantages:High Speed
Disadvantages:Not the best in power, often so fast he runs right of the edge of the cliff

Miles "Tails" Prower
Tails is two tailed fox. He can use his two tails, which is a birth defect, to fly. He is great pals with Sonic and loves tinkering with machines
Mid-Air AbilityFlight
Air Attack UpTails Tornado
Air Attack SideBack Spin
Air Attack DownTail Bash
Ground AttackTail Whip
Charge AttackGold Fox
Super AttackTornado
Advantages:Flight, high jumping
Disadvantages:Semi-low speed, Semi-low attack power

Knuckles the Echidna
Knuckles is the guardian of the Master Emerald. He gets his name from the sharp spikes on his fists, which can punch through just about anything.
Once bitter enemies Knuckles and Sonic are now friendly rivals
Mid-Air AbilityGlide
Air Attack UpUpper Punch
Air Attack SideSide Kick
Air Attack DownDrill Claw (Can use while gliding)
Ground AttackPunch
Charge AttackDash Punch
Super AttackRock Throw
Advantages:High Power
Disadvantages:Semi-Slow speed, Semi-weak jumping

Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow is the Ultimate Life-form, created by Proffesor Gerald Robotnik 50 years ago. He can use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to warp space-time with Chaos Control
Mid-Air AbilityJump Dash
Air Attack UpBackflip
Air Attack SideTwist Kick
Air Attack DownChaos Flash
Ground AttackHand Swipe
Charge AttackChaos Warp
Super AttackChaos Spear
Advantages:High Power, Fast Speed
Disadvantages:Ineffecient in the air

Amy Rose
Amy is Sonic's self appointed girlfriend, she loves trailing him whereever he goes. She can call out her mystical Pico Pico Hammer when she fights
Mid-Air AbilityBalloon Lift
Air Attack UpHammer Strike
Air Attack SideAir Hammer Attack
Air Attack DownSpin Hammer Attack
Ground AttackHammer Attack
Charge AttackGiant Hammer Bash
Super AttackHammerang
Advantages:Can attack quick, gets a lot of air time from balloons
Disadvantages:Falls quickly, low attack power

Rouge the Bat
A world renowned treasure hunter, Rouge can't help but go for any gem she sees.
Mid-Air AbilityGlide
Air Attack UpStike Kick
Air Attack SideSide Kick
Air Attack DownDrill Dive (Can do this while Gliding)
Ground AttackKick
Charge AttackDash Glide
Super AttackBlack Wave
Advantages:Well Rounded Character
Disadvantages:Does not excell in anything

Cream & Cheese
This duo will fight you together. Cheese is Cream's. Cream is the youngest of the characters in Sonic Battle III
Mid-Air AbilityFlight
Air Attack UpHigh Punch
Air Attack SideAir Tackle
Air Attack DownHelicopter Spin
Ground AttackCheese
Charge AttackPeel Out Dash
Super AttackChao Invasion
Advantages:Flight, accelerates quickly
Disadvantages:Low Attack Power

Mainc is the first unlockable character. He is Sonic's brother. Born and raised a thief manic is one too. He lacks Sonic's speed so he uses a hoverboard
Mid-Air AbilityHoverboard
Air Attack UpBoard Flip
Air Attack SideBoard Swipe
Air Attack DownPower Strike
Ground AttackPunch
Charge AttackBoard Dash
Super AttackBoard Wave
Advantages:High Attack Power
Disadvantages:Can attack to fast to control

Sonia is the third of the hedgehog sibliings, thus Sonic and Manic's sister. She was raised in class and hates getting dirty
Mid-Air AbilityHeight Boost
Air Attack UpAir Bounce
Air Attack SideSide Dash
Air Attack DownQuick Strike
Ground AttackHigh Kick
Charge AttackPower Slide
Super AttackSuper Spin
Advantages:Good Speed and Jumping
Disadvantages:Fairly weak

Tikal the Echidna
Tikal belongs to an anchient tribe of echidnas, the same Knuckles is from. She sealed Chaos and her heart in the Master Emerald to prevent disaster.
Mid-Air AbilityGlide
Air Attack UpUpper Punch
Air Attack SideSide Spin
Air Attack DownTrailing Dash
Ground AttackKick
Charge AttackMystical Dash
Super AttackSand Storm
Advantages:All Air attacks move at preset speeds
Disadvantages:Can cause confusion on the screen with trailing attacks

Chaos is a creature of water. He is extremely powerful and gains more power with each Chaos Emerald he absorbs
Mid-Air AbilityGlide
Air Attack UpHigh Kick
Air Attack SideWater Blob
Air Attack DownDown Slap
Ground AttackArm Slap
Charge AttackWater Dash
Super AttackTidal Surge
Advantages:High Power
Disadvantages:Low Speed, decends slowly from high-kick

Metal Sonic
Metal Sonic is Eggman's ultimate robot. Metal Sonic is infused with a bit of Sonic's DNA, so he knows every move Sonic is going to make
Mid-Air AbilityJump Dash
Air Attack UpBach Attack
Air Attack SideTwister
Air Attack DownElectric Shield
Ground AttackSlide Kick
Charge AttackMetal Dash
Super AttackMissile Attack
Advantages:High Speed
Disadvantages:Falls Like a brick

Puppet Tails
Puppet Tails, also known as the Tails Doll, is a super light character, and a very weak one.
Mid-Air AbilityFloat
Air Attack UpRapid Kick
Air Attack SideTail Slap
Air Attack DownDoll Twister
Ground AttackTail Dash
Charge AttackAlien Light
Super AttackLightning Strike
Advantages:Falls Slowly, can perform contious mid-air attacks
Disadvantages:Very Low Attack Power

Metal Knuckles
Metal Knuckles is the other character robot made by Dr. Robotnik. Metal Knuckles is extremely strong.
Mid-Air AbilityGlide
Air Attack UpExplosion
Air Attack SideTwist
Air Attack DownSlow Drill Claw (Can do while gliding)
Ground AttackPunch
Charge AttackSpindash
Super AttackEarthquake
Advantages:EXTREME Attack Power
Disadvantages:Very slow speed, very low jumping power

Doctor Ivo Robotnik
Doctor Robotnik, also known as Eggman, is the greatest scientific genius,or so he claims. He is the cause of all the trouble Sonic must endure
Mid-Air AbilityJetpack
Air Attack UpPunch Up
Air Attack SideSide Kick
Air Attack DownDrop Kick
Ground AttackKick
Charge AttackEgg Roll
Super AttackRobot Storm
Advantages:Extreme Airel effecency
Disadvantages:Large Target, semi-slow speed
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