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Knuckles Treasure Hunt

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ReadMe File

Knuckles Treasyre Hunt Read Me and Help File

2.Saving and Loading
4.Menus are Modes
8.Sonic Battle III Interface
9.Troubleshooting and FAQ
10.About Knuckles Treasure Hunt

Welcome to Knuckles Treasure Hunt.

This game is a paced action game with the goal to collect shards throught the level.
Over the course of the game you will travel to a wide variety of course covering all kinds of terrain.

Your goal is to restore the seven chaos emeralds and find the culprit who destroyed them.

*2.Saving and Loading*
If the game is restarted or closed during the saving or loading of data the save file will become unreadable and Knuckles Treasure Hunt will need to recreate it, erasing all the saved data for all players.

When you first start Knuckles Treasure Hunt you will presented with a list of names.
-If you have a name on list click on the name on the list or type it precisly.
-If you do not have a name on the list type your name in. You will be asked if you want to create a new name.
-If you select Erase name it will erase your name from the list. This will not erase your saved data. To erase saved data please choose "Erase Data" from the options menu

Knuckles Treasure Hunt will then load all of your data.

~All the names on the list will be transfered to all games with the BGS name save system.
~All BGS games made after and including Knuckles Treasure Hunt have this system

-Knuckles Treasure Hunt posses an auto-save feature. This feature is set to auto-save by default.
-Auto-save can be turned on and off via the options menu.
-If auto-save is turned off you will need to save via the options menu.

When auto-save is turned on the game will save automatically after every fight.

The save data file, bgskth.ini, is encrypted. Any tampering with the file may result in a misread from Knuckles Treasure Hunt. This will cause Knuckles Treasure Hunt to recreate the file, loosing all saved data for all players.

Any time Knuckles Treasure Hunt cannot read the save data file or if the file is missing it will recreate/create the file, erasing all saved data for all players.

Knuckles Treasure Hunt is compadable with up to joysticks and gamepads

The basic controls of the game are UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, JUMP, and ACTION.
Whenever these words are written in capital letters in this file they refer to this commands

Player 1 is by default controled by the keyboard
Player 2 is by default controled by Joystick/Gamepad 1

Default keyboard control's are
Up Arrow = UP
Down Arrow = DOWN
Left Arrow = LEFT
Right Arrow = RIGHT
Spacebar = JUMP
Shift = ACTION

The controls can be customized anytime by press Control and Y. It is not recommended to do this in full screen mode.

When customizing keyboard controls Fire 1 refers to JUMP and Fire 2 refers to ACTION

For Joystick and Gamepad players
-Button 1 on your device is JUMP
-Button 2 on your device is ACTION

*4.Menu and Modes*

*Menu Navigation*
The player can navigate the menu using the arrow keys, or whatever is set for UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT to change menu selections.
Pressing the Spacebar or JUMP will confirm current menu selection.
Pressing Shift or ACTION will take you back to the previous menu.

Start - Start a game
Options - Change options for the game
Data - Access data including total score and bonus features
Quit - Quit the game

Stage - Select the stage to play on. A chaos emerald will appear next to stages they have been earned on.
Difficulty - Choose game difficulty from Easy, Normal, or Hard.
Music - Select for default music, Midi Music, MP3 Music, Custom Music, or no music to play
Begin - Start the stage

Default Music - Select type of music for default music from MP3, Midi, Custom MP3, or random.
Sound Effects - Turn Game Sound Effects On/Off
Theater Movies - Turn Theater Movies On/Off
Custom MP3 - Select the file to be used in custom MP3 playing
Change Player - Change the currently selected player
Erase Data - Erase all of current player's data for Knuckles Treasure Hunt

This menu is mostly display information
Total Score - Total cumulative score from all plays
Stages Unlocked - Number of stages unlocked
Time Played - Total time spent playing
Bonus - Access bonus features

Theater - Watch cinematics from the game.
Audio - Listen to Music from the game.
Map - View level map to help learn the levels.

*5. Gameplay*

*Heads Up Dispaly (HUD)*
Score - Total score accumulated on this level. Score is earned by collecting shards and killing enemies.
Your score is reduced in half when you die.
Additional bonus points are added for completing the level in a quick time and for number of rings collected.
Time - Total time played in the level so far. There is a 10 to 20 minute time limit to complete the level.
Rings - Number of rings collected. When you are hit you will loose all your rings and bounce around before vanishing.
Getting hit with no rings results in loosing a life. You will earn points for rings you hold onto at the end
of the stage
Lives - Represented by an icon of Knuckles face, this shows how many lives you have. Everytime you die you loose a life.
When you run out of lives its game over and play will cease.
Radar - In the top right of screen is a box with a symbol and a letter grade. This is the radar and current ranking.
The letter grade displayed is the current rank for collecting shards. The faster you find each shard the higher
score you will recieve.
The icon in the black box will change color, from grey to green, to yellow, to red. As a shard is approached the
radar will change color. When it turns red the player is next to one of the shards.
Map - In the bottom left, over the lives, is the map. This shows the relative posisitons of one of the shards,
the player, and and any significant items. The player will show up in red, the shard will show up in yellow.
Shards - In the bottom right is a number shows the number of shards that still need to be collected.

Walking/Running - Hold LEFT or RIGHT on the ground to cause Knuckles to walk around.
Jumping - Press JUMP on the ground to cause Knuckles to jump into the air.
Punch - Press ACTION on the ground to cause Knuckles to punch.
Gliding - Press and hold the jump button while in the air to glide. While gliding Knuckles constantly accelerates
and slowly desends towards the ground. Releasing JUMP will cause Knuckles to stop gliding.
Rising Glide - Jump then immediatly press the jump button again. Knuckles will rise up high into the air and then decend
in a normal glide.
Climbing - Glide into a wallto grab onto it. While climbing press UP or DOWN to climbing up or down the wall.
Drill Claw - Press and hold ACTION while gliding to cause Knuckles to drop rapidly downwards. He can attack enemies in
this state. Release ACTION to stop accelerating.
Digging - Drill Claw into the ground to dig into the ground to look for buried shards.
- When Climbing press ACTION to dig into the wall to look for buried shards.

When knuckles is PUnching, Drill Clawing, or Spining he is attack mode and can subsequently damage enemies by touching them.
If Knuckles is not attacking and is touched by an enemy, or hits a hazordous part of the enviroment, he will take damage.

Knuckles will loose a life if he takes damage when he has no rings, runs out of air underwater, or takes to much time in the

Knuckles can't breathe underwater. When underwater he'll hold his breath for 30 seconds. As he stay's underwater he will
slowly use up his supply of air. A chime will occasionally go of to indicate air consumption. Eventually a jingle will start
that will indicate Knuckles is running out of air. When the jingle finishes Knuckles will drown and loose a life. Air can be
replenished by either getting out of the water or by collecting an air bubble.

Knuckles goal in the game is to collect the shards of the Chaos emerald that have been scattered throughout the stage.
To collect a shard Knuckles merely needs to touch it. However some shards are not easy to collect.

Shards may be hidden in walls, in the floor, behind objects, and floating in mid-air. They can and will hide anywhere.

The glowing orbs around the level will point to the location of a shard, as will the yellow dot on the map.
When Knuckles gets close to a shard the radar will start flashing, red indicating Knuckles is right by the shard.


When playing the game the game's difficulty can be set to three different levels, Easy, Normal, Hard.

Good starting place for beginners.
-10 Shards to find
-20 minute level time limit
-Minimum points earned

*NORMAL Difficulty*
Basic average gameplay. Can be a bit challenging to some.
-20 Shards to find
-15 minute level time limit
-Average Points earned
-The next level can be unlocked by completeing this difficulty

The game's maximum challenge.
-30 Shards to find
-10 minute level time limit
-Maximum points earned


Start the game by the Master Emerald. Look for the missing shards of the red chaos emerald in this anchient shrine.
This is a fairly small level that has plenty of hiding locations, and pit falls. Be careful.

Journey to a peaceful chao garden. You'll be looking for Chaos Drives for the chao, in each one is a piece of the blue
chaos emerald. Be careful, Omochao is out to get you in swarms in this level.

The oldest level from the Bluehog games is back again, hiding the shards of the yellow chaos emerald within its hills.
Just watch out for the fish hiding in the waterfalls. Other then that, be careful, this level is big.

Its a race not just for the shards of the purple chaos emerald, but also for air in this maze. The water level slowly rises
over time, filling the whole level up in five minutes. Once under you'll need to find air bubbles to avoid drowning.

This time you'll be looking around the ruins of the original hidden palace. Careful, as the green chaos emerald shards are
scattered everywhere in this gigantic level. You'll need to avoid the pitfalls and consult the map to clear this place.

The temerture is rising rapidly in this lava filled level. Grab the fire shield to traverse the lava and flames without harm.
You'll have to search high and low in this gigantice level. Those white emeralds shards could be anywhere, even in the lava.

The final level. Somehow the cyan chaos emerald shards have gotten stuck in the walls, floors, and ceilings. Electric floors
and convyer belts dot this level. When an emerald is lodged into the ceiling over your head, just reverse gravity.

The intruder who shattered the Chaos Emeralds finally has revealed his face. Strike now and finsh him. A word of warning to
the wise, this level only comes in the Hard mode variety.

*8.SONIC BATTLE III Interface*

Knuckles Treasure Hunt can interact with Sonic Battle III to unlock items in Sonic Battle III.

Pollution Hill - Complete Pollution Hill in the KTH to unlock it in SBIII.
Metal Knuckles - Get a cumulative score of over 9000000 in KTH.
?????????? - Clear the Final Battle in KTH.

*9.Troubleshooting and FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)*
-I require cncs232.dll to play-
Go to the Bluehog Gaming Studio (web address below) and get the DLL installer.

-The game plays slow or jerkily-
Your computer is to slow to play the game properly

-I'm not on a computer with Windows, what are my options?-
Only option is to use a computer with Windows 95 or higher

-My data won't erase when I delete and recreate my name-
The only way to erase data is to delete the saved data file or go to the options menu

-The MP3 setting doesn't work
If the file kthmusic.bgs is not present the game will play its midis instead
Or alternativly you don't have a high enough version of Shockwave installed.

-The Custom MP3 isn't working
The game can't find your file. Please choose another.
Alternativly, the custom MP3 player will only work if you have Quicktime installed.

-When actiavte full screen mode the screen goesa black-
Some monitors can't handle the resolution used at full screen.

-My problem isn't here, where do I go?-
Go to the Support Board at the Bluehog Gaming Studio (web address below)
Enter your problem and wait for a response
If a week goes without a response send an e-mail to Bluehog at bluehog4u@yahoo.com

*10.About Knuckles Treasure Hunt*

Knuckles Treasure Hunt is created and owned by
-Bluehog Gaming Studio

Knuckles Treasure Hunt is freeware and may not be sold at any price.

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