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What's going on around here?

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A Blue Freak
Level: 35
Joined: 6/4/2004
Posts: 371
Apr 03, 2010 21:52:51
What's going on around here?
As in why hasn't anything happened in a while?

Well, real life has gotten extremely busy (I have an actual job now) and has kept me away from the computer.

And while on the computer I've been busy with various things. The website has eatten up a lot of time as I've refined system after system on the website and I think I finally have gotten it to a point I'm happy with, althouth with a lack of some content. I've also added an About Us and FAQ page.

There are some other things added to the site but what I really need is to hear what you the visitors and members would like. The forum's bugs should be patched up and the suggestion board is open and welcome for ideas.

Also a Beta Tester system is being developed, to be completed once I have more time.

And speaking of time...

I've been working on games since May 2002, nearly eight years. I've created many things over the years, make no mistake about that. Nine games in eight years. Plus a few unreleased games.

To that end I'm slightly burned out. Sonic game after Sonic game after Sonic game takes its toll on you after a bit. To that end I'm temporarily going to suspend work on Tales of the Past and Sonic Battle 4.

Sonic Battle 4 is in serious need of a rethink on how I'm going to execute it. As for Tales of the Past, its simply time consuming to design the levels. If you've played the demos you know just how big they are. It will be my best game to date, so I'm not cutting any corners.

Please no begging or whining for me to continue. Remember I've made these games as a hobby, and now I need a refresher to keep the hobby alive.

But although those games are taking a break that does not mean I'm stopping altogether. I simply need to work from a different angle for a bit. To that end I'm working on a small non-sonic game to give myself a little diversity. I'm not going to say what it is in this news article, but if you poke your nose around this site I'm sure you'll figure it out.

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing with C4.

Jun 03, 2010 15:15:27
Re: What's going on around here?
sonic also needs a job so make a game that sonic looking for a job that shuits him best for :8D: by DigiTails
also the others also should have a job that they are best at.sonic by Bluehog

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