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Fan Character Profiles


This character is copyright to Ulta.
You may not use, copy, or redistribute this character without permission from its owner.
Full Name: Misty Pridetail
Nickname(s): Mist
Species: Ragdoll Cat/Lioness Hybrid
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Profile Rating: 33 See Full Rating

Eyes: Minty Green with two black eyelashes. Shape similar to Rouge’s, except a tad smaller.
Fur color: Pure white
Head details: Peach, hairless muzzle. Inside of ears is also peach, with a small portion of her white fur growing into her ear. The tip of her ears is split slightly. Has a large single bang that hangs in front of her face, and also has long hair that hangs down way past the base of her tail. Wears aqua blue eye-liner along the top of her eyes. Her nose is pink, with matching pink lips.
Body details: Body is completely covered in white fur, with a near-perfect hourglass shape that rivals most professional models. Her chest size is also rather large, if this isn’t noticeable already. She possesses a long fur-covered tail that has a single stray strand at the end, giving off the appearance of the tail being forked. She almost ALWAYS is seen wearing a gold-plated clasp on her tail. Body is well-fit and slightly muscular (mostly seen in her arms).
Clothes: See pictures…Misty is not one to own just one pair of clothing. But her casual wear is usually a mint-blue (matches her eye color) sleeveless T-shirt with ocean blue shorts. She has other variations of similar-colored attire though. Her second most worn outfit is her Gear Riding uniform (see pictures. More details at a later date). She also wears a pair of gold anklets and bracelets sewn to white gloves, which are encrusted with blue gems.
Shoes: When not in her Gear rider uniform, she wears mint-green shoes with a blue waterdrop pattern on the front. The soles are grey. When in Gear riding uniform, these are replaced with similar-colored boots.

Misty can most likely be best summed up as the serious type of person who values her space, only giving recognition to those who earn it. Having grown up mostly taking care of herself, as well as grabbing unwanted attention due to her looks, Misty has developed into an adult who has little tolerance for immaturity. Many a males have tried to go out with her, only to over time be given the cold shoulder, not given the chance, or even flat out punched in the face (they deserved it of course). Misty doesn’t view the general public with a good eye due to life experiences she’s grown up with. Most believing this is due to trust issues, or maybe it is because she didn’t grow up with a father figure. When most of her years were spent being given unwanted attention by fans, males, and those just looking at what’s on the outside though, you can’t really blame her. Misty values what’s on the inside more than what the skin shows, and from what she’s seen, a good portion of the world only sees her Gear skills or breasts.
Like most characters though, Misty has a few flaws, and oddly enough, the biggest one is actually in a skill. Due to a mishap with the accessories in charge of controlling water, Misty had a near-drowning experience as a child (and a few there after). Because of this, she never tried to learn how to swim, and ironically fears water, mostly large bodies of it. Even after learning how to use the artifacts properly, Misty still does not enjoy getting wet outside of necessities (like bathing). Other than the fear of water too, Misty also tends to get a bit of a temper sometimes, either due to her low tolerance of immaturity, or someone is stepping on her last nerves. She tries to be tolerant at first, but if you don’t ahere to her warnings, watch out. She would be the one to knock you upside the head to put you in line, and she isn’t afraid to use force to set someone straight, making her seem a lot more aggressive than she really is. Also, there are moments were she can be TOO serious, and has been told to lighten up on numerous occasions.
Upon first meeting, Misty will most likely be standing cautiously behind her little personal barrier (especially if you’re a male). First impressions are what define you in her eyes, so if you’re immature or annoying at first meeting, she’ll most likely brush you off and not stick around you for any longer than needed. However, if you show that you are a mature individual who is looking beyond her skills or beauty, you have a much higher chance of her actually befriending you. Once let past her barrier, you will find that Misty is a splendid individual to be around, with more to offer than just Gear riding skills and looks. She is very smart, knows a lot about the world and it’s customs, and even knows how to have a good time in most cases. It’s also been seen that Misty shows a different side of her when she’s Gear Riding. Opposite of her serious, quiet self, when Gear riding, Misty can be seen with a smirk on her face, enjoying the adrenaline rush and even hooting out loudly in enjoyment while doing tricks, demonstrating a rare wild side that is seldom seen by the general public.

Misty, contrary to most characters, is relatively normal. Her mother was a Ragdoll cat, whom she inherited her flexibility and beauty from. Her father however, was a lion, which seemed to have given Misty a more of a dominant personality. Her father divorced her mother before Misty was born however, leaving her to be raised by her mother and friends of the family. The Pridetail family had always been known to be good Gear Riders, and Misty ended up inheriting the sport while growing up, even going so far to becoming a professional in her more current years. She’s entered numerous races, most of which she has won, netting her a name and a lot of fans in the Gear Riding business. Towards her later years however, her mother has been in the hospital with health issues, leaving Misty to take care of herself for the most part. She holds a steady job to help pay for both the house and medical bills for her mother, juggling both it and races with cash rewards to help make ends meet.

Powers and Abilities:
-Extreme Gear Specialist: As it’s been made known already, Misty holds knowledge and skill in the ways of the Extreme Gear. Able to ride almost all types, she uses this knowledge for races, professional or freelance, and also uses her Gear for common travel. You almost never see her without her Gear at her side.

-Extreme Speed: Misty only possesses this skill when she’s riding her Gear, able to clock in at speeds of over 200 mph. Without the Gear though, Misty’s run speed is the same as a normal well-fit human.

-Above Average Strength: Compared to Knuckles, Misty is not NEARLY as strong. However, because she is well fit and has a bit of lion in her, she has a slightly stronger muscle density, and can make a punch to the face hurt like a mother if she puts her mind (and muscles) into it.

-Quick Reflexes: Misty’s Ragdoll half, not to mention just being a cat in the first place, has gifted her with quick reflexes and flexibility. She isn’t combat savvy by any means, but if a punch is thrown her way, she knows enough to duck. She has an oddly acute sense of what’s going on around her, and because of this, it’s not very easy to take her by surprise (well…by actions anyway. Words are another matter =P ).

-Multi-talented: Outside of Gear Riding, Misty sports other talents. These include singing and dancing mostly, although she tends to do these in secret unless a job requires them. She is also capable of most common job tasks, like being a waiter, working a cash register, and just being able to follow directions in general.

-Water Powers: Technically, this power isn’t naturally done by Misty. Instead, the gold anklet and bracelets she wears allows her to. Using these accessories, Misty can manipulate and control moisture in the air, as well as any form of water, like ocean water, a river, or even just a puddle or rain drop. She can’t move a whole ocean of course, and is limited to just how much moisture she can control at a time. She mostly uses this power to keep foes away, make things difficult for her opponents in a gear race, or to set someone straight if she needs to make an extra point or two.

-Misty does not like to make this public, but she loves fish...a LOT.

-Misty dresses like a tomboy to try and hide her true beauty, not wanting to flaunt her looks for fear of attracting a lot more wavering eyes. She does not ACT like a tomboy though.

-Misty does not wear lipstick. Her lips are naturally pink.

-Misty is a D cup. (she is gonna kill me for making this fact public...)

Creators Notes:

-Misty was created initially to be a girlfriend to another friends character.

-Misty was not like how she is now upon intentional creation. She had a personality like Stars, was more social, and did not have big breasts either!

-Mistys creation occurred in the year 2006, and is the 3rd character to become well-developed by Ulta.

-Mistys creation was inspired mainly from Sonic Riders, with later inspiration from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

-Misty represents her creators mind. She shares Ultas more realistic thought patterns and worldly knowledge, and is also the little voice in her head that Ulta does not listen too most of the time. If Ulta screws up, it is the Misty part of her brain that scolds herself and is going “I told you so” in her head.

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buddy1913By buddy1913
Mar 22, 2011 07:48:39

demitri: Well hello there Ms Pridetail so nice of you to join us.

Synxthe1stBy Synxthe1st
Mar 21, 2011 17:15:53

O_O holy crap.... never seen a bio this detailed....

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