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This character is copyright to Ulta.
You may not use, copy, or redistribute this character without permission from its owner.
Full Name: Starlight
Nickname(s): Star, The Project
Species: Hedgehog-based Ultimate Lifeform
Age: Unknown (appearance is young adult)
Gender: Female
Profile Rating: 67 See Full Rating

Eyes: Purple with a single black eyelash. Shape similar to Rouge’s, except a tad smaller.
Fur color: Yellow
Head details: White furry muzzle (similar to Tails, but with three small strands) and inside of ears. Has small patch of semi-long hair strands behind each ear, held by a green band (giving them a sort of earring look, but they are really small ponytails). Purple tips on spikes. 3 spikes (one on top center, two on side bottom). Glowing green scar (comet-shaped) on forehead in between ears. Small pointed black nose.
Body details: White belly with fuzz on and around the breasts. Glowing green scars on wrists and ankles. Long tail with glowing green tipped fur at the end.
Clothes: See pictures…it’s a two piece outfit. The top part is basically a light grey bathing suit/bra that’s covered by another sash of purple-trimmed white cloth, held together by a green jewel. The bottom half is just a purple lined robe that’s open in both the front and back, all covering tight-fitting light grey shorts.
Shoes: White and purple Air shoes similar to Shadow’s, customized only for her. Has three holes in the soles for easy expelling of energy from the feet (any other shoes, and she’d launch herself out of them every time she used her energy). Grey soles.

She was designed to be the Ultimate Lifeform, and as such, she possess a mind that is almost ‘perfect’ in nature. Her sole purpose is to help others (whether they want it or not it seems sometimes, but she’d rather they want the help), and bring happiness and peace to all who need it, and even those that don’t. She can see the good in everyone, and can even tell what side a person is (or claims to be) on after spending only a few minutes with them. She puts others before herself constantly, which often means her putting herself down in other aspects. She is curious, understanding, and respectful of others decisions, which often earn her the respect of others right back. Most of the time she is happy, and she always wants that happiness spread to others around her (good luck getting her angry…it’s impossible). Her good heart and compassion is thought to be unmatched, and she will go out of her way to help even the most distant of souls. The way she sees it, everyone deserves a second change, no matter who they are, or what they have done.
While she may seem ‘perfect’, not everything is what they appear to be. Because of an accident during her creation, she can turn into what's called a 'Chaotic' form if she feels a negative emotion too badly. While not everything is known of this form yet, all Star knows is that it's dangerous, and could kill those around her easily. Because of this constant risk of her going Chaotic, she can get very paranoid (she calls it being “extra cautious”) and may seem like a coward when she runs off from a fight. If she is by herself, she will not stick around if she knows danger is nearby, and generally, she does not like to fight. If for some reason she has no choice to, her stance is more defensive than offensive, and even when she does get offensive, her attacks only stall, rather than injure (her tail makes a very good tripping tool :P ). Also, because of her tender heart combined with her limited premature knowledge (due to having been awake for only 3 years thus far) and brain power, she can get very sad or scared pretty easily, which could trigger her Chaotic side in a heartbeat.
The constant struggle between her wanting to help people and her risk of transforming leaves her with great confusion in matters that call for a decision to help or flee for the sake of everyone’s safety. Her longing to do right is ever constant, yet she knows that she puts everyone at risk when she interacts with them. Mostly, it’s the fear of being emotionally hurt, and mixed with her growing knowledge of the world, she often concludes hard truths that cannot be righted (which obviously makes her sad). If she slips up even once and surfaces her Chaotic side by accident, she could bring destruction to everyone, friend and foe. This risk prevents her from wanting to stay in contact with the general public, which ironically leaves her with even greater sadness, along with the constant fear of being alone for her entire eternal life.
But even with all this risk, part of her design is to not give up no matter what. If she finds something she really likes, she will stick with it as often as she can, and will do her best to make sure she doesn’t harm it with her risk.

For the moment, it is a mystery...all that is known of Starlight's background is that she was bio genetically made, presumably by G.U.N since she's under the care of a secret branch of them. Whether this is really the case or not, is undetermined at the moment.

Powers and Abilities:
Aside from the normal everyday abilities of a normal hedgehog, Starlight has other powers. These include:

-Hovering: Thanks to her air shoes and the added chaos energy, Starlight can hover a few inches off the ground, and even propel herself forward or backwards using the energy as jets. The effect feels and looks like hot wind. She can’t truly fly or glide, but this power does let her add a huge spring to her jump.

-Extreme Speed: Because of her shoes and the added chaos energy, Starlight can run very fast. On Sonic speed level, she is slightly slower than him when using her legs, as fast as him when jet hovering, and over three times faster than him when under the chaos influence.

-Enhanced Strength: Because of the chaos energy inside her, Starlight possesses strength that is slightly more powerful than a normal male human being. On Knuckles level, she is actually much more stronger than him, and her strength nearly doubles when under the chaos influence. But you’ll hardly see her show such a display of power.

-Enhanced Endurance: Because of the chaos energy siphoning her system, Starlight can take a large amount of beatings. Also, she heals quicker than the average hedgehog, making her able to last longer than most other creatures would in a battle.

-Heightened Senses: The energy flowing in her is both a gift and a curse. It enhances all of her senses: Sight, smell, hearing, tasting, and touch. While this may be useful, sometimes, being too sensitive can hurt.

-Transform: Using the 7 Chaos Emeralds, Starlight can go Super. But she also has what's called a 'Chaotic' form that can surface as well, with or without emeralds.

-Swimming: Having grown up on an island, Starlight eventually learned how to swim. As an added bonus, if she is underwater and activates her air shoes, she can speed through water like a torpedo, or even jet hover on top of the surface (which allows her to cross bodies of water, so long as her energy holds out).

-Chaos Control: Just like any Ultimate Lifeform, Starlight can manipulate chaos energy to warp time and space and teleport herself to near and far locations. She can even do this without a chaos emerald, if she is willing to use the energy inside herself as a substitute. She has enough power inside to use Chaos Control a good number of times, but if used in rapid succession without rest, she will eventually tire out and grow weak.

-Chaos Shield: By focusing and expelling chaos energy from her body, Starlight can form a round dome barrier of protective energy around her. Nothing can get in, and nothing can get out, but she can only keep it up as long as her energy holds up.

Semi-Immortality: Because of the undying power that’s housed in her body, Starlight cannot age. However, she can be killed.

Chaos Blast : This ability is when she expels a large amount of raw chaos energy out of her body, which blasts away anything within a 10 foot radius. This attack is mostly used when she’s in Chaotic mode, and rarely in normal mode. Her scars glow red when she’s about to use this attack.

Chaos Spear: This is just the name given to an attack Star uses with her hands. By manipulating the chaos energy in her and directing it to any part of her body (mostly it’s in her hands for better control of the blast), she can surface that energy as raw power and shoot it in the form of either a beam or miniature orbs. These orbs have great force behind them, but don’t burn if touched by anyone.

-Star got her name because of her bright fur color, and also because she was born in space. According to her creator the "Stars were shining extra bright" the day her creation was complete.

-Starlights favorite food is Ice Cream.

-If you don’t count her normal self, Starlight is capable of taking on a total of 3 different other forms.

-Stars tail is not natural. By all intention, she is supposed to have a short tail like Sonics. However, it grew longer and dubbed a glow at the tip the day she got chaos energy in her body.

Creator Notes:

-Starlight was initially created to be a girlfriend to Shadow the Hedgehog.

-Starlights character was inspired mainly from Sonic Adventure 2, with other inspiration and ideas from Sonic Adventure 1.

-Stars creation occurred sometime between year 2002 and 2004, and is the first character to become well-developed by Ulta.

-Star is the first character to be tested in role-plays.

-Star represents her creators heart. She shares her creators tender heart and highly sensitive emotions, as well as her lost innocence. If something bad is happening to Starlight, you can bet Ulta will be cringing as its happening.

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buddy1913By buddy1913
Mar 02, 2011 14:37:34


BluehogBy Bluehog
Mar 02, 2011 07:48:01

Yay! Its Star! Its nice to see her in a great big profile like this.

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