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This character is copyright to Ninetails2000.
You may not use, copy, or redistribute this character without permission from its owner.
Full Name: Matthew Warren 99
Nickname(s): Apoly, Poly, Jerkass, Matt(But only one person can call him that.)
Species: North American Long Eared Hedgehog
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Profile Rating: 70 See Full Rating

Apolycolelipse is a tangerine hedgehog of the exact same hight as Ninetails with long, floppy, backturned ears. His quills are arranged in a fashion similar to Shadow The Hedgehog, but they extend out much longer. His skin tone varies from kind-of-tan to sunbaked.

He most often is seen wearing a blue tank top, black bluejeans, black boots with thick gray soles, black wristbands and sometimes a black overcoat.

He sometimes wears a pair of one-of-a-kind Extreme Gear that appear to be a chrome plated cross between heavy duty boots and roller blades. He also sometimes wears a pair of stylish, silver sunglasses.

Apolycolelipse is in the same boat as Ninetails when it comes to eyeware.

Apolycolelipse's personality is like yin and yang. At the surface, he's snarky and mean. He seems to perpetually be in a bad mood and treats people with whom he's not acquainted with a lack of care. He also tends to be confrontational and hard to work with.

But below that he's actually quite the nice guy. He'll do anything to help his friends and will fight tooth and nail for them if they need protecting. Despite his brash behavior, he's very chivalrous, taking great care with females physically(Although the same level of care isn't extended emotionally).

Below even that, he's very self-conscious. Constantly trying to better himself and distance himself from his dark past. He often times feels like no matter what he does, he's not doing it good enough, which was so severer that it even caused friction between him and his closest friend, Barin Tundra.

Wile Roovie acted as the voice of reason, he himself would give in to the darkness in himself, in cases like that, his fur would turn orange and he would obtain abilities never seen from him normal, such as Psychokinesis and advanced control over Chaos based magic. This form came to be known as Dark Roovie and was a very dangerous person to go up against. One fateful day, on an expedition to the ancient Emerald Chamber of Hidden palace, Roovie stumbled upon an artifact that was used to separate and unite the powers of the Chaos, Super and Master emeralds. Unknowingly activating it during study released his dark form, who re-named himself "Apolycolelipse", for the apocalyptic amounts of chaos he would cause and.....well.....That never panned out. Now he fights for good, despite his dark attitude.

Powers and Abilities:
Apolycolelipse, while only about as fast as a normal person his age, is EXTREMELY skilled in the art of Parkour and Soaping. He uses these skills to reach places his brothers wouldn't be able to easily and even get through various, tight-knit areas faster then they could.

Apolycolelipse's main power is Psychokinesis. He is able to manipulate things with his mind to do many things. With help form one of his close travel companions, he has learned how to use his PSI to manipulate earth and water to create unexpected and unpredictable moves. He also uses his PSI for transportation, Holding himself in the air or tossing objects that he's standing on to cross great distance.

Of the three of them, Apolycolelipse is the most combat inclined. He combines his acrobatic skill with his PSI to create devastating combos and attacks. Nobody stands for very long against him.

While one of his weaknesses is sickness, which takes away the use of his PSI, another major weakness for him is the use of PSI itself. Using his PSI to do big things without properly buffing his powers can leave him physically drained. If he were to push himself to continue using his PSI after becoming tired, he'll end up giving himself a horrible migraine, and if he continues on even further, his PSI will just go out on him, leaving him quite fucked if he's in danger.

Like his brothers, Apolycolelipse possesses Genre Savvy and is aware of the fourth wall.

Picture Courtesy of Ninetails2000
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Ninetails2000By Ninetails2000
Mar 16, 2011 17:34:27

Well, Roovie and Ninetails both had alternate forms in their pictures, and I didn't want Apolycolelipse to be left out, so I just tossed in an alternate style to the one I was using. One with trench coat and normal skin tone, and one without trench coat and a tanned skin tone.

lio67By lio67
Mar 16, 2011 12:12:00

why in the picture theres two of him

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