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This character is copyright to Ninetails2000.
You may not use, copy, or redistribute this character without permission from its owner.
Full Name: Warren Matthew 2000
Nickname(s): Ninetails, Nine, N.T.,
Species: Red Fox/Kitsune crossbreed
Age: 17
Gender: None
Profile Rating: 71 See Full Rating

Ninetails is a multi-tailed(As little as two, as many as nine, usually three) fox. He's about as tall as Sonic(Not counting the extra height granted by his ears), and normally wears a black sleeveless shirt, Faded baggy bluejeans, black wristbands and sports a pair of black snowboard boot-like sneakers. He also sometimes wears a pair of goggles.

His fur ranges from a caramel cream to a lemony cream depending on the time of the year, The two different colors even blend and give his body a zig-zaged fur color scheme when his fur is in the middle of changing from one to the other.

He's supposed to wear glasses, but usually doesn't due to the very spectacle unfriendly situations he encounters on a daily basis. He gets around this most of the time by having all his eyeware(Goggles, sunglasses, visors, etc.) customized with his prescription.

Ninetails is a fun and outgoing person, usually greeting whomever he comes across with a bright smile. He is unwaveringly positive and seems to always be in a good mood. Out of him and his two other brothers/forms, he is quite possibly the strongest emotionally, being sure of himself and what he's doing almost all the time. He listens to his heart and lets his mind catch up whenever it wants to. When a smile leaves his muzzle, though, it would be wise to stay away. When his fur is rubbed the wrong way, he becomes incredibly short tempered and mean, His playful snark becomes cruel jabs, and he leads with his fists instead of his heart.

A fox who perpetually suffers from a case of interesting place at interesting time, Warren was born a Vulpix and had a very short and violent temper. Sometimes he would be mad and not even know why, wile other times it was as if he was possessed by some other person. This was an early sign of the great power he held inside, but his basic body was not enough to control the destructive power very well, so he resorted to shutting himself off from anger, which failed miserably on multiple occasions. On his tenth birthday, he made one wish:The ability to control his powers and, in turn, himself, and lo and behold! as soon as he blew out the candles, he began to glow and change. His body became more defined, his single bushy tail split into multiple tails, his brown and brick colored fur changed to cream and white, even his iris's changed from a dark brown to a light hazel. He had evolved into a Ninetails. Nic-named for the year he evolved, Ninetails soon mastered the powers that he held inside for years, learning the art of Pyrokineis and fire-based magic. Excited about the exploits of a similar-aged hedgehog, Ninetails then strived to be extremely athletic and learn the way of the spindash. After becoming bored with that alone, he began to dabble in electronics, taking things apart and putting them back together. By the age 14, he was able to create and customize vehicles of all sorts. Once the Extreme gear scene hit, Ninetails exploded at the chance to make his own gears to use and he quickly became a semi-famous name in Extreme Gear. Now adventuring the world, Ninetails is constantly interested in ways to keep his life interesting and fun for himself and everyone he comes in contact with.

Powers and Abilities:
In addition to incredible acrobatic and speed-based skill, Ninetails has access to the Telekinetic power of Pyrokinesis. He is also able to tap into the demonic power of the kitsune to amplify his physical and pyrokinetic strength. He has a wide range of moves and skills and can be frightfully powerful when he wants to be.

His supernatural powers are amplified/inhibited by the amount of tails he has exposed. Two tails leaves him with barely any power at all while all nine gives him full access to his awesome power. He usually sets the bar at three and doesn't like to go over that for anything less then dire, life threatening situations.

His and his brothers major weaknesses are to illness. They're bodies shut down parts of their powers in order to properly fight infections. With Ninetails, his pyrokinetic and demonic powers are lost. Depending on the severity of the illness, this can lead to anything from a small drop in effectiveness to flat out loss of said powers.

Ninetails and his brothers(and really anyone who hangs out with him for extended periods of time) poses Genre Savvy and awareness of the fourth wall. They often use this skill to telegraph and snark about the situation they're in. While to most people it comes off as them just being geeky, those who know the true nature of they're abilities end up looking to them for guidance about how to approach a situation.

Picture Courtesy of Ninetails2000
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