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This character is copyright to buddy1913.
You may not use, copy, or redistribute this character without permission from its owner.
Full Name: Demitri Andreev the Hedgehog
Nickname(s): Demi
Species: Common European Hedgehog
Age: 18
Gender: None
Profile Rating: 23 See Full Rating

6 foot tall, Maroon furred hedgehog, with long ears drooping down infornt of his face ending at the base of his muzzle, he has three quils, two that are very long ending at his hip, the other very short and visible ony when looking from behind, he has a dull orange/brown muzzle and ear interiors and Sky Blue eyes.
he as an orange Ring pattern across his chest this continues in a thin strand across the back of his neck.

Atire: a Dark faded green hoodless jacket with worn dark blue denim jeans both adorned with various oil stains. he has Bright orange shoes with a red stripe down both sides and a light grey base with dark grey socks and gloves.

Demitri is a rather reclusive indevidual prefering to have as little contact as possible with the world outside of his airship. becuse of this is is rather quiet and nervous around people he dosen't know however is quick to warm to people.

he is not a fighter and can only take a few hits before going down.

Demitri was disowned by his parents at an early age becuse of a genetic disorder that caused exess groth. he grew up in an orphanage in the middle of Station Square, During the Nocturn attacks he managed to escape and made his way towards metropolis, on the route there he came across a crashed airship and then made it his home.
after the Nocturns were silenced by Sonic and his crew GUN commenced a cleanup operation, they tryed to remove the ariship hulk and sell it for scrap metal but before they could Dr Julaian 'Eggman' Robotnick took the airship back to what was left of Metropolis with Demitri in it.
the Exact events that happened after this are unclear however Demitri gained full control of the junk repaired vessle and has lived in it flying around the world only landing when he ran out of supplies,

He still has Close ties with Robotnick but prefers to keep out of his Schemes and plots.

Powers and Abilities:
Demitri has only one ability* ( NON CANON AT THIS POINT: and that is that his body acts as a sponge to chaos energy absorbing it and re-radiating it as heat. becuse of this in certian situations he can heat up very quickly (so much so that he can melt through steel) but unforuneately he has can exert no control over this.

a greater breakdown can be viewed here http://www.bluehog.sonicworld.net/main.php?page=forum&topic=128 )

this *Ability* is one gained through trial and error realy. and this is that he can quickly on-the-fly re configure chaos energy based weapons with the minimal ammount of time and tools. although these reconfigured tools often become very unstable and often cause injury.
its a wonder how Demitri is still alive. even greater the fact he still has all of his original limbs.

His Airship is named the Chaos Galleon, there are two versions of this craft, the MK I and the MK II, the Mark I version has a living space of about a Semi truck with two engines and has definable wings with two Engines, The Mark I is VTOL enabled however once in the air it has to pick up speed for the Wings to produce lift.

the MK II is alot bigger with a living space of about 3 and a half Semi truck trailers. it has Four Engines and no wings, It is totaly reliant on VOTL operations however it must land even if only one of the engines fails.

Dependent on what i do in the future i might tie Demitri loosely in with a GUN science and research team, again totaly dependent on how i re-work my other characters.

Picture Courtesy of Buddy1913
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UltaBy Ulta
Mar 23, 2011 00:28:41

I see a Buddy! Or Demitri now as you so named him =P I like that name a lot to be honest. I like how he's got those long ears! It's unique for a hedgehog! Personally he looks more dog-like thanks to them, but the thick hair quills bring back the hedgie look. Though I'm sure you can easily pass him off as a totally different species thanks to this combo. Overall an interesting character, and a realistic one as well! I never struck him as a reclusive type so this was informative!

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