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This character is copyright to Ulta.
You may not use, copy, or redistribute this character without permission from its owner.
Full Name: Twilight
Nickname(s): Twi
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Profile Rating: 21 See Full Rating

Eyes: A blazing Orange color. Eye shape similar to Knuckles, only a bit rounder.
Fur color: Black
Head details: Peach, hairless muzzle. Has a total of 4 hair quills. The two hair quills on the side of her head are semi-large and upturned, while the two on the back of her head point down, the lower one considerably smaller than the top one. Peach inside of ears. Has two long strands of hair held by small bands that hang from where the corner of her muzzle and side of her head meet. The two side quills and top quill are tipped a bright yellow, with another yellow patch of fur forming a marking between her eyes and some of her forehead. Has a single gold-coated ear ring on only her left ear. Small round nose.
Body details: Body is completely covered in a coat of black fur, except for her stomach area, which is a bare, hairless patch of peach skin that stops just below her breasts. A yellow band of fur surrounds each wrist and her tail, but sports no similar pattern on her ankles. Chest size is considerable, but not as big as Misty. Tail is a bit long for a hedgies, and is bent at the tip.
Clothes: Wears a sort of Star Trek-like, form-fitting jumpsuit that is colored grey. The front has a zipper that goes all the way to the crotch. Wears a pair of light grey and maroon-colored gloves that stop just short of the elbows. Wears a gold ring-clasp on the wrists, ankles, and waist. She usually is seen having a small metal box attached to the clasp on her hip.
Shoes: Light grey and marooned colored boots that stop just short of her knees.

For someone who was raised in a normal lifestyle (as far as her time period standards go), Twilight has grown to be anything BUT normal personality wise. She’s easy to approach, but not long into the meeting will Twilight start going over the top to try and keep you there. She’s loud, overly obnoxious in her own light, and acts like a spoiled know-it-all despite the fact she clearly isn’t a smarty pants. She loves having the spotlight focused on her, and usually will pull random stunts to keep it that way. And despite all her efforts to make people take her seriously, the fact that she does everything just out of amusement has unwillingly netted her a not to be taken seriously complex.
This realized fact frustrates her to no end, which is why Twilight still acts like a spoiled teenager despite being a young adult. Most called her crazy for not being satisfied with the easy, normal lifestyle that was given to her, by present-day standards even more so! But Twilight always had an big appetite for ‘new’ experiences, and once she hit the age where she pretty much ‘saw it all’, it became harder for things to keep her attention. This is probably why once she so called ‘mastered’ all the interesting activities, she moved on to amuse herself with playing pranks on others or just outright bugging them for attention. This made her develop a taste for enjoying others discomfort, since it was rarely seen in the general public in her society. Course this also means people started avoiding her when she would come onto the scene, even to this day it seemed. Twilight HATES being bored, but often she doesn’t realize she is the cause of her own boredom due to her not-so-pleasant approach and first impressions to others. She doesn’t really do stuff to make people mad at her intentionally though. She’s just trying to find something to do!
Still for those who have the strong patience and stamina to deal with her short-comings, one will find that Twilight is FAR from being a boring individual herself. She’s bold, not afraid to try most new things, and though she is physically a weakling, will STILL give anything a shot, even if it looks trying. She also isn’t afraid to approach new people, and with a ton of know-how on activities, games, and just her overall playful and obnoxious self, Twilight can make any sort of emo-setting completely vanish in a blink of an eye. She can be the perfect distraction for you on those dreary days, and can easily make you laugh or smile with either her antics, her crappy jokes, or just watching her trying her darnest to cheer you up in the first place!


Twilight’s life is as normal as normal can get. For a lifestyle set a good many centuries in the future anyway. Picture the most Sci-fi setting you can think of for a city, throw in a bit more nature, and you pretty much have Twilight’s home. And with said home under some pretty good management, protection, and an overall peaceful state, Twilight had it easy. She grew up with only an older sister under her mother and father, who are still alive and well, and did most anything normal kids did. Went to school, played outdoors, and of course, had some good ol’ fashion fun!
When she was about 16 years old, her father decided to try and give her a jumpstart on her future, and soon was taking her into his shop to teach her his field of work; Advance vehicle building and repair. He only started her in the repair department for the time beginning, though Twilight showed little interest in the occupation right from the start. She was more concerned about learning how to drive on her own at the time!
Nowadays, when not in school or being made by her father to practice spacecraft repair, Twilight is usually just goofing off somewhere on her own, attempting to fulfill her undying thirst for adventure, or just trying to kill boredom.

Powers and Abilities:
Even though Twilight is for the most part, normal, she still holds a few special qualities. These include:

-Advance Vehicle Repairer In-training: Because of her father trying to give her something meaningful to do with her future, Twilight was made to start learning how to repair vehicles of her time. She’s learned the basics thus far, and by present standards, can pretty much fix most types of cars and vehicles thanks to it. She’s still working on how to repair a spaceship though without blowing it up.

-Computer Savvy: Twilight isn’t one to know how a computer is built or any of its technicalities...but she DOES know how to run and work one. If you are having trouble figuring out why the computer is doing a certain action, chances are Twilight can figure it out and tell you.

-Driver’s License: It may not seem so special, but Twilight does know how to drive a car; at least the ones of the hover car variety. If the vehicle is at all futuristic though, even ground-based, she MIGHT just know how to drive it.

-The box that Twilight always seems to have at her hip is actually her toolbox used most in her repair work. It is in its compact mode, and can turn into a rather decent-sized toolbox with just the push of a button.

-Twilight is fashionably-challenged, both by accident, and by intention. The suit she wears is actually her trying to be different from what everyone else wears back in her home. Same reason applies to why she only wears one ear ring. Course she also likes to argue she wears the suit to show off her figure...

-Twilight owns a hover car of her own, and while she does know how to drive it properly, she tends to not use it completely within the rules and terms of use. Might want to duck and cover...

Creators Notes:

-Twilight was initially created to be a girlfriend to another friends character.

-Twilights creation occurred in the year 2008, and is the 4th character to become well developed by Ulta.

-Twilights creation was mainly inspired by Sonic Rush.

-Twilight represents her creator on a more secret note. While it has been said that Ulta is most like Twilight in real life, this is because of her going out of her way to be a fun person to be around. Ulta is not a troublemaker nor is as bold as she is, but Twilight houses the bravery Ulta wishes for, and shares Twilights hatred for boredom.

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buddy1913By buddy1913
Mar 30, 2011 11:07:51

*hugs and dose not let go*

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