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Fan Character Profiles

G Force

This character is copyright to Ulta.
You may not use, copy, or redistribute this character without permission from its owner.
Full Name: Grayvon Force
Nickname(s): G Force, G
Species: Echidna
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Profile Rating: 33 See Full Rating

Eyes: Mutated. The sclera is a pitch black color, while the retina is a hazy white. Eye shape similar to Knuckles.
Fur color: Grey
Head Details: Peach, hairless, and semi-long snout makes up his muzzle. Has a total of 8 dreadlocks hanging from his head, all tipped black.
Body details: Body is completely covered in a short coat of grey fur. Has a sky blue X-shaped marking on his chest. Has a muscular build. Has a thick, semi-long, bent tail that is tipped black.
Clothes: Wears very little clothing. When he’s not being made to wear something specific, he usually only has a yellow cloth band on his ankles. He’s also often seen wearing a set of white fingered gloves with a gold clasp on the wrist part. The clasps have red orbs embedded into them.
Shoes: Wears no shoes unless its for an occasion.

G Force is best summed up as being the type who you spot being away from the big crowd. His earlier lifestyle left him to live by himself for the most part, so he’s most use to not having company. When he does get acknowledged by another, he usually becomes VERY nervous. His eye mutation, lack of a voice, and odd powers had netted him some nasty attention from his kin in the past, which has apparently been cemented into his brain as the ‘usual’ reaction he’d get from others overall. This has also made him highly self-conscious, and maybe even a little ashamed of his disabilities. Most believe this is why he often wears a headband over his eyes, and why he shy’s away from contact with others.
Most individuals usually go the more bitter and angry route when their past holds a lot of nasty treatment to them. G Force however, went the other way, becoming a lot more timid and even a bit of a coward for certain situations. He’s overall a very nice guy to be around, but don’t be surprised if he looks highly nervous while your around at first. He’s very cautious of anyone who approaches him on their own will, a part of him telling him to just run away while the other half wants to stay and see if anything good will come from this meeting. He does get a bit braver when he has his eyes covered, but it only lasts so long until those he’s around starts to question him...He’s also got a bit of a self-esteem issue, thinking that what he does might not ever be good enough for the ‘superiors’ he considers around him. Deep down, he really yearns for companionship, but due to his experiences, he’s afraid to try out of fear of failure or possible pain to both sides.
The good news with all this though, is that G Force has become a surprisingly gentle type. He’s rather smart, and despite the harsh treatment of his youth, has taken the experience as a sign of what NOT to do. He is humble, tries to do what he can to help others, and overall tries to be a good ally to those he considers friend. If you’re a female though, he’ll be a TON more nervous around you. But don’t worry, that’s just him being super shy. If given the chance through a bit of persistence, you’ll find he can be quite selfless and chivalrous to damsels in distress! He is VERY loyal to those he does befriend overall either way, and will do whatever he can to bravely protect those he cares about.


Only a few know the fine details to G Force’s background, since he tries to keep it hush hush due to personal reasons. But what IS known about him is that he is originally from the past, particularly the same time period that Tikal existed in. He mysteriously appeared out of the sky one day and landed in the back of Twilight’s hovercar, with only a bag full of these shiny multi-colored ‘stones’ in his possession. Since then, he’s gone on many wacky adventures with the ebony hedgehog, while at the same time trying to find a sure-fire way to get back to his own time period.

Powers and Abilities:
-Above Average Strength: Compared to Knuckles, G Force is not NEARLY as strong. However, because of his forced life-style to live in a jungle by himself, he had to toughen up to survive. Because of this, he is well toned and muscular, and is a bit stronger than most normal beings.

-Gravity Manipulation: How G Force came about with having this power is still a mystery. But however he got it, G Force is naturally able to control gravity, though it’s a skill he’s still trying to master. With a lot of concentration and control from the gloves he wears, he can reverse, intensify, null, and pretty much do anything involving gravity at his will. His limit ranges though, and at most can only control gravity that’s within his peripheral vision.

-Flight: G Force can only attain flight when he uses his gravity powers. By manipulating the gravity around only his feet and reversing it, he can propel himself up and through the sky. Without this power, G cannot fly, or even glide (he’s too heavy).

-Nature Warden: Because of his life being centered mostly on growing up in a jungle, G Force has gained knowledge of how to live in the wild. He knows how to make a fire from natural resources, how to build a shelter, and even how to hunt for food. If your ever stuck with G on a deserted island or forest, at least you’ll know you’ll survive (and won’t eat anything poisonous!)

-G Force loves bananas.

-G Forces hearing is not the best out there, because his ears are hidden under his dreadlocks. But this does not stop him from being a good listener.

-G Forces spelling is AWEFUL because he never got to finish his lessons on proper writing. Aside from a few words, he spells by how the word sounds.

Creator's Notes:

-G Force was originally created to be a rival to Knuckles.

-G Forces creation occurred sometime in the late 1990’s, and takes the title of being the 1st fan character Ulta ever created. He did not become well developed though, until the year 2006.

-G Force was a lot different upon first creation. He looked the same and still had the black mutated eyes, but he had a voice, had electric powers, and was a bad guy!

-G Forces creation was inspired mainly from Sonic Adventure, with later inspiration from Sonic CD and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

-G Force represents his creators shyness and uncertainty. Both share the same kind of nervousness and uncertain thoughts concerning their future and social behavior, and are equally shy when it comes to first impressions around the opposite gender. If there is something G Force actually fears, chances are Ulta fears it as well.

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buddy1913By buddy1913
Mar 29, 2011 02:05:31

ITS G!!*troll face*

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