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This character is copyright to Bluehog.
You may not use, copy, or redistribute this character without permission from its owner.
Full Name: Bluehog
Nickname(s): Blue, Blue Entity, Blue Sonic Clone
Species: Altered Hedgehog / Mimicmorph
Age: Varied, stuck on a two week loop physically.
Gender: Male
Profile Rating: 57 See Full Rating

Appears as a completely blue version of Sonic. Wears same clothing but also tinted blue.

Fun and adventurous. Bluehog likes meeting new people and trying new things. Loves exploring across the multiverse. His travels have changed his personality so it is no longer a copy of Sonic, but several traits remain. Bluehog will not leave someone when they are in danger.

Bluehog was created by Doctor Robotnik by means of an interrupted experiment. Robotnik had been experimenting with a process for duplicating a living creature and quickly ageing it, known as Project Genesis.
After "capturing" Sonic Robotnik flash copied the memories and attempted to alter them to make the duplicate completely loyal to him while having Sonic's knowledge. However Sonic was captured as part of a plan, and was rescued before Robotnik could finish.
The Genesis tube containing the incomplete duplicate became electrified by a 20,000 volt wire, severely electrocuting the atomically unstable duplicate. When the duplicate emerged from the tube it was completely blue in color, and had Sonic's memories and personality, plus the extra knowledge Eggman had given it.
The duplicate possessed free will and choose to take down Eggman, and helped stop Robotnik's plan.
To distinguish himself from Sonic the duplicate choose to adopt the name Bluehog, referring to his coloration. Bluehog then chose to live alone, although he keeps friendly ties with Sonic and company.
A few days after being created Bluehog began to learn of and to use his "Blue Electricity" (read section Other in this profile). Bluehog also discovered his curse, like any creature duplicated with Project Genesis, Bluehog remains atomically unstable, thus he would be doomed to eventually dissolve into nothing.
However Bluehog was able to renew his physical makeup via his power and thus continue to exist, although he must renew himself every two weeks as that is the decay time of his atoms. And because of the abnormally strong survival instinct Bluehog is forced to renew himself.

Powers and Abilities:
Bluehog posses the same abilities as Sonic the Hedgehog, but due to his atomic instability they exist to a highly diminished degree. Also Bluehog has trouble using the emeralds to transform.
Due to an alteration in his molecular make up Bluehog has acquired a new ability. Bluehog can create and control "blue electricity", a seemingly supernatural form of electricity.
This power however takes a considerable toll on Bluehog and he cannot maintain it for an extended time. Overuse can cause Bluehog to fall into unconsciousness. An external power source can considerably increase the amount of time the power can be used.
Through experimenting Bluehog has managed to do several things with this power. The following is a list of tricks Bluehog has managed to derive from this ability.
-Stasis Field - Bluehog can isolate a small section of space in a static field of time, an area where time does not flow. Bluehog can perform this on himself, on the air withing 6 inches from himself, and on any object/person/animal/etc with direct contact. While in a stasis field the effect space is impervious to change. This ability can only be maintained for a short time. An object in a stasis field can be molecularly rearranged with Blue's power.
-Digital Conversion - Bluehog can convert himself into an electron field and enter computer systems. Although in the digital realm Bluehog can still operate if the computer system is shut off. This can also be duplicated on any object inside a stasis field.
-Form Duplicate - Upon having direct contact with a living being Bluehog can proceed analyze the DNA and then alter his appearance and his DNA to mimic the species of the analyzed creature. The appearance is not perfect however, part of Bluehog retains his blue coloration and his mind remains his own.
The form can only be maintained for a limited time. Once shifted this ability no longer consumes power and allows Bluehog to "recharge". Bluehog can also use a form from memory if he has used the form frequently or recently.
Also the number of forms Bluehog can take for any particular species is limited to one, as he takes on the appearance of what he would look like if he was that species.
-Linguistic Telepathy - Projecting a weakened version of blue electricity (runs invisible to the naked eye at this level) to an individual, up to 3 feet away. This projected energy can relay to Bluehog the knowledge of an individuals language. This acquired knowledge is short lived and must be replenished or retaught the normal way.
-Stasis Shield - In a quick blast that lasts for half a second Bluehog can form a large stasis shield barrier. Only can perform in natural state.
-Plasma Shot - Bluehog's only real long-range offensive ability with this power, and easily the most destructive. Bluehog forms a small stasis sphere between his hands/in the palm of his hand. A second stasis sphere of a larger size surrounds the first. Both are hollow. Both contract until the second is the original size of the first.
Then the first stasis sphere is dissolved and the process repeats, highly compressing the air inside the spheres, and by compressing the air the air is also heated. Then when a hole is made in the side of the sphere the super compressed and heated air will shot out through the hole. Depending on the level of compression the blast can travel up to a mile. Only can perform in natural state.
-Pseudo Immortality - As Bluehog can convert his body into a electric field he can renew his molecular structure thus reverting physically to an earlier age. This must be done every two weeks at maximum. Bluehog's survival instinct compels him to continuously renew his form.
When Bluehog covers most of his brain in a stasis field it protects the brain from harm and thus makes him impossible to kill as he'll renew his body after every blow. This ability is lost whenever Bluehog doesn't have enough energy to maintain a stasis field.
-Dimension Shift - One of Bluehog's newest tricks is to phase his molecules out of the current space/time continuum and into another, effectively hoping through dimensions, proving a limitless number of places to explore.

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